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It is not exactly to fly what we propose, it is to float, to be carried away by the wind, to navigate in a transparent fluid, where the background is our world: Trees, houses, plots of colors, mountains that are sinking gently, as we rise and parade Majestic when the wind moves us. A good opportunity to take photos or video.

Description of the activity:

We will meet you in the vicinity of the take-off site. From there, transfer to the place of takeoff where the balloon assembly is done. First it is filled with cold air by a fan, and the Balloon is full, the pilot heats by the burner to take the vertical position. The pilot will be happy if passengers participate in the assembly of the balloon and will explain the few rules that are to follow during the flight, because the important thing is to live the sensation. This operation takes almost half an hour When the passengers come into the baset, we will ascend to about 1,000 feet, then go slowly descending, everything depends on the wind, its direction. The Balloon goes where the wind decides, that is its main charm, inserted into the current moving like a cloud of colors. We have good information weather and we know in advance the direction, which also changes with the height, so we can choose between the different "air rivers", and change course heading. The art of navigating is to sense those "invisible ways".

When the heat increases or the breeze exceeds ten knots (18km / h), it is time to choose an appropriate field to land, without obstacles and with a path where the rescue i sable to arrive. In the environs of Jerez de la Frontera, we fly to the vineyards.

This is done so that you have a feeling of mobility. It's a feeling like going in a sailboat, but floating in the air. We will fly over the sea of vineyards in the Sherry countryside in the area of the route of the Sherry Marathon and, if the wind allows it, we can follow from the air the participants of the test from close.

Once in the air, we will follow the direction of the wind, so we know where we take off but not where we land, that's the adventure, we stay in radio contact with the tracking team to tell them where the place will be landing.


What is surprising is the lack of friction with the wind, when going inside this, it produces the feeling of standing. When looking outside, we do not seem to go up, but the ground sinks gently "Nature takes the trouble to parade under our nacelle to that we contemplate it "(Ferguson teacher in" 5 weeks ballooning "). The sick feeling doesn´t exist when there is nothing that binds us to the ground.

The landing, is soft, the nacelle approaches slowly to earth, and in case of wind, we drag a few meters before stopping. The pilot will give instructions for the case.

Once we have landed, after a flight around 60-90 minutes of duration. The balloon is collected and we move to a nearby sale to make a brunch. What does this mean?. Because flying gives a lot of hunger and thirst, it's almost half day so we serve a Campero Jerezano Breakfast (a tomato soup, eggs with chorizo, country toast, all accompanied by a must, PX or oloroso and, for supposed coffee ...) while we discuss the sensations and anecdotes of the flight. Once After this, we celebrated the Baptism of the Air with a hot name (for example, Princess of the Nimbus Clusters") and they are offered a glass of Sherry wine next to the delivery of a Diploma of the Flight made.


The clothes must be your own for the season and the day you fly. During the flight there is the same temperature that on the ground (we do not climb so much), even more, because of the heat that the burner, that's why we deliver a cap. If you wear a skirt, it must be wide to be able to climb in the nacelle and the shoes apt to walk by the field.


Pilot Title nº1 in Spain since 1973

First Instructor and School since 1975

8 times Champion of Spain

First Crossing Europe-Africa: Tarifa-Ceuta

First Crossing of the Andes: Chile-Argentina

First Atlantic Crossing: Spain-Venezuela

8 Records of the World of Distance Categories: AM-8 to AM-15

8 Records of the World of Permanency Categories: AM-8 to AM-15

Medal of Aeronautical Merit (Venezuela)

Cross of the Order of Aeronautical Merit (Spain)

Montgolfier'93 Diploma International Aeronautics Commission

Decoration Saint Exupery (France)

Lighter than Air Society Achievement Award 1992 (USA)

Gold Medal of the Aerial Sport

Official Organizer Grand Prix Sierra Nevada'95

Official Organizer Gran Premio de Balao Lisboa'98



Compañia de Trabajos Aéreos



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